Urchin live

ICBM with Martin effectHi, my name’s Tim and Urchin Percussion is my thing. As well as designing and building cajons, I also play one with Wakefield band The Now Nows and I’ll be posting gig dates here as they come.

Next chance to see an Urchin cajon or two, have a chat and maybe try one out will be on Thursday 12th February at The Hop, 19 Bank Street, Wakefield WF1 1EH. We’ll be playing downstairs from around 9 pm.

I’ll be the one playing the box 🙂

Recording with The Now Nows


Urchin Cajon set up ready to record forthcoming tracks with The Now Nows at a session at The Sound Surgeon studios in Lincolnshire.

This cajon has Urchin’s unique snare adjuster (out of sight, at the rear of the cajon) and a prototype front head tension system. 48 cm tall with a 29.5 x 30 cm top; all high-grade birch ply body, back and tapa with a satin oiled finish.

Mic setup is a pair of MXL condensers (one at the front as seen in the photo, one a few feet in front for the room sound) and an AKG D112 behind the cajon.