As lovely as the traditional wood-finished cajón will always be, sometimes it’s good to mix things up a little. Here at Urchin we love doing just that. Here are a few examples of non-standard finishes on Urchin Cajons. If you’d like an instrument with your own choice of finish, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do 🙂

Vintage turquoise over orange

Purple lacquer

Gold Sparkle over Oxford Green

Orange/green/black Relic

Black gloss lacquer

Custom EVH style

Orange lacquer / orange logo

Multicolour distressed

Urchin and Rascal cajóns for Grantham Prep School.

This pair of cajóns were delivered to Grantham Preparatory International School earlier in the month.

After meeting with the school’s Rock Band class and their teacher John Monaghan, they decided on an Urchin adjustable snare cajón and a Rascal Kids’ cajón in matching 4-colour distressed finishes.

Swampbox Long

This Handmade Swampbox is designed to sit under your stomping foot. It’s made with a non-slip rubber base and it’s a heavy beast, so once you put it down, it’s going nowhere fast.

Add some drive to your rhythm! Whether you’re a percussionist or guitar player, banjo, fiddle or bagpiper, the Urchin range of stompers will give you a low-end thump to push your music forward.

Pictured here in bubinga and birch, other material combinations are also available – check our store page for what’s in stock!

Working hard on the new line of Urchin stompers – in selected hardwoods for a “traditional” look and feel, or spangly transparent cast polymer for a modern take – these look great under (or over!) the lights and feature an XLR output to go straight into a microphone channel. Pictures soon, or come and see them at Grantham Christmas Market on 27th November!

Really happy to have bagged a stall on the Gravity Fields Festival Street Fayre on 24th September! I’ll be there with cajóns and more for sale, as well as hints and tips on playing and getting the best sound out of your instrument. Hope to see you there!

Gravity Fields logo

Tim Gillespie will be playing Urchin cajón with country punk folk rock trio The Now Nows this Saturday, 3rd September, at two festivals in West Yorkshire:

Around 4 pm, Westival at the West Riding Refreshment Rooms on Dewsbury Railway Station; then

Around 7 pm at Cleckheaton Beer and Music Festival, Cleckheaton Town Hall.

It would be great to see you at either or both!

A few months ago, I repaired some of my old cymbals and gave them to a friend’s son who is learning to play drums, knowing that he’d be better off with well-repaired, professional cymbals than with the type of entry-level cymbals in his budget range at the time. His drum teacher, the excellent Ash Muscroft of spotted these cymbals and asked if I would repair a couple of his. The first was a Paiste ride with a simple edge crack, needing a straightforward scallop repair. The other, however, was a very different beast – a lovely Sabian HHX with a MASSIVE, flappy break almost to the bell. See Ash’s post below for his take on the repair, and my thanks to Ash for trusting me with his bronze!

A few weeks ago I posted a broken cymbal of mine that I've had sat around for years! I was so upset when it cracked mid gig! At the time I was young and stupid enough to continue playing with it until it was beyond repair (or so I thought!)… So I recently sent it off to my good friend Tim Gillespie from @urchinpercussion and THIS IS WHAT HE HAS ACHIEVED!! IT'S AMAZING!!!! (I can't thank him enough!) He's managed to get rid of the monstrous break without a great deal of sustain loss. It will definitely be a great cymbal to stack but could still be used on its own! Love the tone more now that before!!!! 100% go take your cymbals to @urchinpercussion you really won't be disappointed! #sabianhhx #sabiancymbals #sabian #crackedcymbal #cymbalrepair #urchinpercussion #itsnotwhatyouknow #itswhoyouknow #watchthisspace #drummer #drum #drums #drummers #drummerslife #cymbals #cymbal #repair #music #band #bandlife #urchinpercussioncymbalrepair

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